Intro to Arm Balance

Arm balances. They’re an iconic part of the modern yoga scene.

Arm balance asanas in yoga can be challenging, but also a very rewarding part of any yoga practice. Most arm balances place the legs on the arms, shoulders and/or triceps. There are also arm balances where the entire body is inverted (suspended above the head) and all the weight is balanced on the arms or hands.

Balancing poses help us connect with the present moment. When you add the challenge of balancing on our hands or arms instead of our feet, the degree of mental focus required escalates. You can’t easily get up into a Handstand if you let the mind drift to thoughts about what you’re making for dinner!

Arm balances can also help to increase feelings of self-confidence, courage, and inner strength. And they’re a playful way of approaching our practice and our bodies with a sense of curiosity and fun!