Rebalance your mind and body

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Classes that both beginners and regular yogis can take. This class is rest and relax. There are many movements aimed at re-balancing the body and mind that are tired after work.

Rebalance yoga offers the body a chance to rest deeply and revitalize. Whether you are feeling weak, fatigued, stressed from daily activities, or simply need to slow down and tune into your body, this wonderfully adaptive practice is essential for well being. Many of the practices are simple and accessible for people of all ages and in all states of health, using props that are readily available—like pillows and chairs. These deeply relaxing poses help you

  • rebalance your mind and body
  • create feelings of wellbeing, and counteract the effects of chronic stress
  • recover from injury or illness
  • lower blood pressure, and elevate and stabilize your mood

Discover how just a few minutes a day of active, supported rest can improve your mood, your energy, and your sense of physical comfort and ease.