We all know how good yoga is for the physical body and for the mind, providing health, beauty, mental control, and emotional stability. It was through yoga that Imelda Tirtadiredja was able to achieve the incredible results together with children while she was still teaching in kindergarten.

Several years later, she founded Colour Yoga. Why colours? As humans, we can't imagine all spectrum of colours. Like a famous philosophical question: how do we know what you perceive as 'red' is the same colour as what others perceive to be 'red' ? The same thing with yoga, one of yoga pose that is beneficial for one child, but may be harmful to another. The benefits was never written in any standard format. Every child is unique. Only through experience her vision is clear for years to come, teach yoga for children to achives better health, to accept reality joyfully and how to achieve and maintain their inner peace.

Future Years

We foresee Colour Yoga moving toward greater involvement in supporting and producing the research that validates the work that we do. We anticipate opportunities for collaboration with children's healthcare providers, adapting yoga programming for use in therapy and other mainstream healthcare settings. We foresee yoga being used, not just in yoga classes, but as a means of sustaining a healthy and academically sound educational environment in schools; in the clinical treatment of issues such as ADHD, anxiety, depression and autism spectrum disorders; and in the home, as a tool to help children and families to work and play harmoniously together. And, we are taking a leadership role in collaboration with children's yoga educators to cooperatively develop children's yoga standards and to promote our work to schools and other organizations and professions which offer services to support the well-being of children.