Every yoga enthusiast is unique. Only through experience, we have clear vision for years to come, to give the best for yoga community, to teach yoga to achieves better health, to accept reality joyfully and how to achieve and maintain their inner peace. This is what Colour Yoga is all about.

Our Mission

We love yoga, and we want to share it with you!

Welcome to Colour Yoga, a judgment-free yoga and therapy studio where we encourage you to release expectations and embrace yourself. We don't have mirrors in our studios on purpose (no comparisons, no competition, no judgements). Instead, we have panorama, light, and colour, and a vibrant community of folks of all ages here to welcome and grow with you. Our classes function as a workout of the body and mind, and allow you to set intentions that work best for you. Come connect with your community, lean into mindfulness, and leave feeling restored.

Future Years

We foresee Colour Yoga moving toward greater involvement in supporting and producing the research that validates the work that we do. We foresee yoga being used, not just in yoga classes, but as a means of sustaining a healthy and academically sound educational environment in schools; in the clinical treatment of issues such as ADHD, anxiety, depression and autism spectrum disorders; and in the home, as a tool to help children and families to work and play harmoniously together.