Scoliosis Therapy

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Note: This class cannot be followed for those who have had surgery related to scoliosis.

Yoga for Scoliosis is suitable for people with minor back problems, asymmetries and scoliosis, promoting posture, balance, strength, mobility, a healthy extension of the spine and awareness of the breath. Yoga emphasis on correct muscular-skeletal alignment, an ideal and in-depth approach to practicing yoga with scoliosis.

Treatment Guidelines

  • The condition of the participants had never had surgery related to their scoliosis.
  • It is recommended that participants take regular scoliosis classes twice a week for 2 months.
  • This semi-private class has a maximum of 5 participants.

"You cannot compare to anything else, it's not an exercise. It's a way of life. Yoga is to be applied in life when the misalignment is not only discarded in the bone, in the spine. It's in the brain. It's our emotions. So it's like going back addressing all these layers to become free, to become to live a full life. It's different than a physical therapy I would say".
-- Marcia Monroe