3 reasons why your child getting better
To make children with special needs experience significant progress in the quality of life, be it Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, ADHD, we have 3 processes that are used in Yoga Therapy.

1. Trust and Connections

We see a child with a disability as a whole person versus a set of limitations requiring rehabilitation. We begin each session without expectations and let the child join the instructor in his or her own time. Teachers of Yoga for the Special Child focus their time on bonding with the child. Although asana (sequence yoga poses) is important, it almost becomes secondary to developing trust and connection.

2. Reduced Stress

Studies are starting to show that children who have participated in regular yoga instruction including breathing exercises, asana (yoga postures), meditation techniques, and relaxation are showing both lower salivary cortisol levels and improved performance on behavioral rating scales. Increased cortisol levels have been linked to lower immune function, weight gain, and heart disease. It impacts learning and memory.

3. Self-Acceptance

The practice of yoga teaches students to accept their body and its limitations. Children are taught a variety of concepts including, but not limited to, kindness, non-violence, honesty, respect, generosity, living in moderation, healthy living, and peace. We focus on teaching students to identify what makes them unique, celebrate their strengths, and accept their current weaknesses.

Yoga is a very positive and beneficial alternative for children with special needs.
Meiske Y. Suparman
Yoga differs from traditional speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and ABA (applied behavioral analysis) in that it "treats the whole child" versus working on a single system.
Sandra Izsa
Speech and Language Pathologist
My daughter with special needs has been practicing yoga for almost 1 year here. Her balance and sensitivity to her body also improved with the yoga classes she attended every week.
Elsha Dieseiza

Austin attended a private yoga class for children with special needs at Colour Yoga. After several months of classes, Austin began to show good progress. Especially in the case of motor and body awareness. Now Austin wants to follow the teacher movement at school during gym lessons. Austin is more aware of the circumstances and the people around him. Austin is also more flexible in interacting with others. Thank you Colour Yoga.

Erlina Karto

My initial goal was to enroll my child at Colour Yoga to improve posture and improve my child's motor skills. After a few months of training this result is much more satisfying than my expectations. My child's speech skills are also growing, why ?? it turns out while practicing yoga here Bu Imel as a teacher and owner of this studio, also teaches breathing techniques and this affects the development of speech skills.


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