Anthea Irawati

Yoga Instructor

In 2009 she suffered a knee injury, and in 2010 having other joint injury and finally in 2013 she also suffered a lower back pain injury that leads to HNP and she almost not able to walk. Then she focus on how to recover by doing yin yoga and pilates only for more than a year. After recovery and back to normal sports activities, she became more interested to learn more yin yoga and pilates and have a passion to help others who have a problem or injury. She certified yin yoga teacher training in 2019 and mat pilates in 2021 and still continue until now.
Scoliosis yoga therapy 87%
Yin Yoga 90%
Mat Pilates 85%

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Anthea started practice Scoliosis yoga therapy and mat pilates since 2006 apart from that also active in other les mills class and also dance, grow up in a gym as a gym class rat make she forget that doing exercise should make us healthier than before instead of harm the body just because not listen to the body and just follow the ego for over exercise.