Merry Sumarjo

Yoga Instructor

Training Certifications and Experience:


Iyengar 90%

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I began practicing yoga in 2006. As I was accustomed to cardiovascular exercises and weightlifting, I initially faced challenges with yoga due to stiffness in my body and difficulties in practicing proper breathing. However, after one month of consistent practice, I discovered a sense of peace and calm through yoga.

I explore various types of yoga, such as hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga, vinyasa yoga, and more. After years of attending yoga classes, I encountered a severe shoulder injury that led to daily headaches as the injury affected the nerves. Eventually, someone recommended Iyengar yoga to me. Through this practice, I realized that yoga is not solely about movement; it requires awareness, knowledge of alignment, and a study of body anatomy. Motivated by this understanding, I enrolled in Iyengar yoga teacher training under direct students of BKS Iyengar.

In my teaching approach, I always emphasize teaching from the heart. Yoga offers numerous benefits for the body, including the potential to alleviate ailments. However, these benefits are achievable with dedication, consistency, and the correct alignment techniques.