Ricca Agnes

Yoga Instructor

Training Certifications and Experience:

RYT 200

Scoliosis Therapy 90%

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In 2014, I attended my inaugural yoga class, marking the beginning of my enduring passion for this transformative practice. Although it took until April 2021 to complete my formal teacher training, my dedication to yoga has been unwavering. I specialize in offering Scoliosis yoga therapy, aiming to make the practice accessible to all.

In my view, yoga transcends mere physical flexibility; it is about cultivating mindfulness. I advocate that yoga is inclusive and suitable for everyone. Let's dispel the notion of yoga as an exclusive domain for females and instead embrace it as a community fostering self-awareness.

Moreover, I extend a warm invitation to newcomers in all my yoga classes. The essence of yoga lies in the individual journey— it's about self-improvement, not competition with others. Embrace the opportunity to embark on your yoga journey, where the only adversary is the person you were yesterday.