Subject: Re-open Color Yoga studio September 2020

The terms and conditions that apply on this page regarding the New Normal condition are complementary and restatement to the existing Terms and Conditions.

Colour Yoga will re-open on September 6, 2020 according to the provisions of the government for the gym sector and yoga studios at the end of August 2020, following pandemic safety regulations. The link to the announcement of these provisions can be read on the Medcom page. With the opening of the Colour Yoga studio, each member needs to know and comply with the terms and conditions that apply as follows.

Schedule and booking

Colour Yoga provides 2 types of yoga classes, namely in-person classes in the studio and virtual classes through Zoom. The schedule can be seen on the Colour Yoga website at with clear instructions that distinguish whether the class is in-person or virtual.


  • Each member is required to register (booking) for the arrival of the desired class. That is, at least 3 hours before the class starts.
  • Booking cancellations can be made 3 hours before the class starts. If the member does not cancel and attendance is not made, the system will continue to check-in as attendance and spots owned will be reduced. For members who have an unlimited package, members will not be able to make a reservation for 2 weeks from the date of absence.
  • For members who do not make a reservation, they will not be allowed to join the class.
  • Access to reservations can be made at Activate your account during the first reservation.
  • All reservations that have been made will receive a reservation status email.
  • Minimum students to make a class available depends on our class type. Once the booking time ended and total reservation was below the minimum, the class will be cancelled, even the online schedule indicate that the class exist.

    The following is our minimum person for the class to be available:

    Ruang kelas Minimum murid
    Virtual Kids Yoga 2
    Virtual Private Yoga 1
    Virtual (Prenatal) 2
    Virtual Adults Yoga 2
    Studio Menteng 3


The temporary closure starting March 18, 2020 has frozen the membership package. Starting from 6 September 2020. All packages owned by members will be re-activate. Members can monitor the status of their packages at


  • There will be no refunds for the re-open process of the Colour Yoga studio.
  • The customization of the new package will be different after the re-open. Members can monitor package types at
  • Purchasing or package renewals can only be made through our website by means of the payment methods provided, namely Bank Transfer and Credit Card. We do not serve bank transfer payments manually without making an online purchase process.

Security provisions

  • Floor markers in the studios will indicate where to place your mat and keep a safe distance.
  • Teachers will not offer hands-on assists at this time and will maintain a safe distance from all students.
  • All back-to-back classes will end 5 minutes early to allow for proper cleaning before the next class begins.
  • In-person class participants are required to use personal props. Colour Yoga does not provide facilities for the purposes of yoga practice.
  • Participants are required to use masks while in the studio environment. Masks must be removed during class to avoid the risk of danger when exercising.
  • The ventilation in the classroom will be opened. The air conditioner will be disabled.
  • Personal props custody is not permitted.
  • The studio room is regularly cleaned with disinfectant before and after class.
  • The capacity of participants in the class is limited to a maximum of 8 people.
  • Hand sanitizers are provided at each lift door and in the studio.
  • Hand washing facilities in the form of running water and soap are available in the toilet area on each floor.
  • Checking the body temperature is carried out by the security at the entrance to the building.