Prenatal Yoga

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Prenatal is a joyful time for any expecting mother. However as pregnancy can be physically and mentally straining, women have turned to prenatal yoga for all its benefits. This class requires your pregnancy age is 12 weeks and above.

Below are four reasons why pregnant woman everywhere practice yoga regularly.

  • Calms the Mind
    Pregnancy is an exiting time that often causes the mind to overthink and be stressed. With yoga, woman can escape the anxieties and focus on themselves in a calm and relaxing environtment.
  • Helps Control Breathing
    It is important to practice relaxation breathing exercises prior to labor. This will allow for an easier childbirth because the body will be trained to remain calm.
  • Relieves Aches and Pains
    As the body changes, aches and pains are inevitable. With regular prenatal yoga, stretches and poses can soothe sore and tender muscles.
  • Builds Strength
    Strength is needed at every stage of pregnancy, especially as weight is gained. Building strength will increase mobility, balance and circulation.

There are many stresses that come with being pregnant and having the knowledge to cope with these pressures can be beneficial to both you and your child. As your body changes, it is necessary to find time for yourself.