Elvi Mustika

Yoga Instructor

Adult, Prenatal Yoga
I started teaching yoga at the beginning of 2011 in the prenatal classes where the majority of pregnant women during pregnancy body disorders. Learning yoga from Girish Jha, Neeraj Goel and Doren Sigh.
Prenatal Yoga 92%
Therapy Yoga 85%
Yin Yoga 90%

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My name is Elvi Mustika. First time I practiced Yoga was in 1998 for recovery after getting sick from a Typhus, since then I fell in love with yoga.

Yoga is my soul journey to reach a higher self and have found a life purpose in the right path. Yoga is also my way to help others to have a healthier body,  mind and soul. To make a happy, joyful,  full of love, and gratitude. More deeper than my mission is helping people to expand their consciousness and raise a high vibration.

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge to teach Hatta Yoga and Prenatal Yoga. I also like to teach Yin Yoga and Therapy Yoga like Scoliosis and lower back pain.